Natural Protection from the Alpine Plants

enriched with freshly prepared garden herbs

safe and effective option for whiter skin tone

The Alpine plants growing at high altitudes and exposed to extreme climate conditions could naturally re-balance from extreme environment conditions. Plants exposed to UV and dry environment naturally produce components that protect itself from UV damage and dryness. These compounds could act as tyrosinase inhibitor when applied topically, effectively diminish pigmentation such as age spot, freckles and UV spot.

Fresh air, clean water and fertile soil at high attitudes; harnessed the self protection ability of these Alpine plants to reset our skin to the most natural tone, taking skin to the unimaginable level of clarity and brightness.

elixir of the plants

WHITEMALLOW series features botanical extracts freshly prepared from the garden. The high potency of natural substances in these plants could form an invisible protective layer on your skin, shielding against pollution and blue light, neutralizing glycation and oxidation, thus reduce sign of pre-mature aging and age spots. Our signatory bush clover extract is also proven to re-synchornize circadian rhythm, making these synergistic combination  perfect for urban and stressful lifestyle.


Whitening and urban protection (pollution, blue light and glycation)

WHITEMALLOW is designed to inhibit tyrosinase to works as prevention and treatment, reducing melanin synthesis thus whiten skin tone, reduce hyperpigmentation, age spot, UV spot, and freckles.

Its features botanical complex that form a protective layer on skin, minimizing pm10 and other pollution, thus reduce pre-mature aging commonly seen in urban region.

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