OMNIA Odor Neutralizer 165ml


Japanese is highly concern about malodor and has stringent quality and efficacy requirement when it comes to deodorizer. After years of research, they finally formulated a deodorizer which is odorless, not based on VOC, 100% natural and non-aerosol base. This deodorizer not only effective, it does not negatively impact the environment as well since it is totally natural, biodegradable and do not used any VOC.

The product does not contain toxic chemical, making it suitable to be used even in kitchen. Its’ unique odor-neutralizing mechanism allow it to be scentless, suitable for hotel, AB&B, gym, and restaurant as well. As this product is non-aerosol, it can be used on plane as well.

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100% natural, made from fruits distillate and deoxygenated water

Fine mist spray just like aerosol without VOC

Odorless. Mechanism is not by odor masking but destroying odor compounds



  1. Can be used in restaurant to remove fishy smell on table or kitchen
  2. Can be used in hotel, AB&B for refreshing odor
  3. Can be used in car to remove cigarette smell
  4. Can be used in home, washroom, cupboard, sofa, carpet, shoe rack, garbage, to remove foul odor
  5. Can be used to remove odor in pets bedding
  6. Can be used in gym to remove sweat odor
  7. As it is not pressurized and odorless, it can be used on plane as well particularly for toilet, stool, vomit smell.
  8. Suitable for newly painted home to remove formaldehyde odor



  1. GMO
  2. Fragrance
  3. Colorants
  4. Alcohol
  5. Animal derived ingredients
  6. Petroleum derived ingredients
  7. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  8. Enzyme
  9. Essential oil
  10. Synthetic antibacterial agent
  11. Phthalate
  12. Formaldehyde
  13. Paraben


EFFICACY (tested by Japan laboratory)

  1. Remove 98% ammonia (smell like raw sewage)
  2. Remove 98% trimethylamine (fishy smell)
  3. Remove 97% hydrogen sulfide (decomposed, rotten eggs, durian smell)
  4. Remove 98% acetic acid (sour smell)
  5. Remove 97% iso valeric acid (musty sock smell)
  6. Remove 98% formaldehyde (new furniture, new paint smell, cigarette smell)


DIRECTIONS: Spray towards source of foul odor. If spray on fabrics, test first to avoid stain

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Weight 250 g


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