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Clean Beauty Combining Natural and Biotechnology

Ortea ® is a brand that combines natural and biotechnology. After seeing lots of brand in the market that putting only sparing amount of synthetic active ingredients and do not improve our skin problem, the founders decided to research on Ortea®, using only natural and biotechnology derived active ingredients, to make them – for ourselves and for those who are facing same problem; with a mission to solve every skin problem.


  • We are real: Our core principle is bare skin, no edited photo, no fake testimonial and no celebrity endorsement. Our products are meant for real, achievable result, not false hope; and that our user should embrace their natural beauty.
  • Integrating nature and technology: we incorporate plants, herbs, fruits, flower ingredients and combine with biotechnologies to produce high efficacy products.
  • Integrity, quality and safety: we engage only ISO and GMP facilities and complied strictly to regulation. We use only safe, non-toxic ingredients in our products and properly evaluate MoS as per European standard.
  • Reasonably priced: in Ortea®, we do not engage celebrity endorsement; instead we are leveraging genuine and real review from our users to create brand awareness. We do not spend extra for beautiful bottle, instead we spend most for the ingredients that made the product. What you are paying is for the content, not beautiful ambassador or pretty bottles.
  • Green, ethical, and sustainable. Our palm based ingredients are from sustainable source and RSPO certified. Our raw materials and products do not go through animal testing. Our ingredients, whichever technically feasible, uses only renewable feedstocks and eco-certified.

Free From Harmful Chemicals

Ortea is guarantee free from paraben, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, phthalates, ammonium lauryl sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate, BHT, TEA lauryl sulfate, BHA, mercury, hydroquinone, mineral oil, azelaic acid, tretenoin, petrolatum, synthetic dyes, benzalkonium chloride, benzophenone, cyclomethicone, lanolin, petroleum-derived waxes, animal-derived ingredients, methylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone, DMDM hydanthion, triclosan, microbeads, aminobenzoic acid(PABA), avobenzone, dioxybenzone, arsenic, chromium, lead, toluene, salicylic acid, hydrogen peroxide, talc, and benzoyl peroxide

We Are Different

No body makes formulas quite like we do. We have ingredients at higher concentration than anyone else. We believe your skincare should multi-task as much as you do- so you’ll see a library of ingredients that deliver incredible results.

Most brands will get clinical feedback on a raw ingredient and put the bare minimum in the formula to deliver just the bare amount of results possible because that’s the most cost-efficient way to make products. But we believe more matters. If science shows that a result requires a minimum of 0.1% you’ll likely see much more than that percentage (and anywhere from 2-5X what our competitors put in) to deliver what we find is the absolute best possible result to our clients.

We source more than 100 different ingredients from over 28 countries. The best organic ingredients come from all over the globe. We believe in quality over quantity – that means no mass-produced ingredients. When we need algae, we know the best place to get that is the Quessant Islands, because the sea water there is so clean and totally free from pollution. So, we go there. And if it’s not available due to seasonal factor or storm, you may notice we are out of stock, because we make zero compromises on our sourcing. In fact, we spend up to 75% of our costs on raw ingredients for certain formulations—so you are not paying for a pretty bottle or beautiful ambassador, you are paying for what’s inside for yourself.

Natural hydration from the Iroise Sea

(UNESCO Biosphere reserve site)


Hydrating, Energizing & Radiance Boost

– a unique marine ecosystem within a jar


The sparkling turquoise Iroise Sea assembles a priceless natural heritage along the Brittany coast. It is untouched and free from pollution of any form. Its water has extremely rich minerals content unlike any other region making it an exceptional hydrating and nutritional serum. Combining with super marine plants that grow in the Quessant Island at the heart of Iroise Sea, it gives your skin an instant boost of inexhaustible energy for a magnetic aura of radiance

Natural Whitening from the Alpine


Whitening and urban protection (anti-pollution & anti-glycation)

– elixir of the Alpine and botanical fresh from garden


The Alpine plants growing at high altitudes and exposed to extreme climate conditions could naturally rebalance from extreme environment conditions. Fresh air, clean water, and fertile soil at high attitudes ; Harnessed the self-protection ability of these Alpine plants to reset our skin to the most natural tone, taking skin to the unimaginable level of clarity and brightness

Herbalism Drawn From Ancient Wisdom


Anti-acne, Anti-Scar, Anti-oxidant

– Herbal medicinal solution for acne skin


At the heart of Ortea® herbal medicinal therapy, steeped in a long tradition of holistic philosophy that searches for harmony and balance.  In our exploration in traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic and Unani herbalism; we carefully extract potent herbs to restore the balances of acne-prone skin via gentle remediation.  Without side-effect typical of harsh chemical, herbal treatment restoring flawless skin with peace of mind  

Precious Red Gold Of The Ancient Greece

Sensia Recovery

Repairing & Soothing for Sensitive Skin

– with precious saffron flower


Saffron flower, also known as red gold in ancient Greece, has through the history as one of the most expensive and precious flower on earth. Indeed, its value is as expensive as real gold. Its elegant appearance and exotic color lying the mythology of Crocus, a symbol of life and resurrection. Combining with our cutting-edge innovation, saffron flower could now be used to reinforce skin barrier, giving sensitive skin a new life, unlocking sense of comfort to new height.


Biofactory Of The Damask Rose & Egypt Lily


Needle-free cosmeceutical option to preserve youthful appearance


If producing million of roses and lily flower from a single piece of flower petal sounds like a Hi-Fi movie to you, wait until you know us better. In our latest cutting-edge biotechnology, Damask Rose and Egypt Lily is reproduced in the laboratory without the need of land cultivation or chemical fertilizer, generating millions of floral powerhouse that releasing arsenal of potent ingredients upon contact with our skin, iron out even the most stubborn wrinkles to restore the youthful appearance. It became an safe and effective option against surgery or injection.


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