Reshaping Perfect Body Silhouette

with proprietary 5X Lipo-Sculpt

The unsightliness of “spare tires” and localized fat deposits on thighs has given rise to the development of ORTEA NULL-0. In addition, cellulite and stretch mark is often exaggerated during and after pregnancy. This is unavoidable however reversible with proper control . 

Men on the other hand, is frequent to diet and practice body building targeted on the waist, hips and abdomen, zones that are particularly vulnerable to dietary relapses, a sedentary lifestyle and the cumulative effect of age.

This redefining gel is formulated with 5X lipo-sculpt  to help you regain control of your body for noticeable result. Besides reduce fats, it also function to tightens the skin surface to reduce appearance of dimples.

Proprietary 5X Lipo-Sculpt Formulation

Japan Coffee Seed: concentrate of Chlorogenic acid and caffeine to promote lipolysis

France Grape Seed – promote microcirculation to reduce water retention

Korea Artichoke-trigger fragmentation and decomposition of fats

South Iberian Sarcocapnos- rich in Isoquinolinic alkaloids and Fumaric Acid Esters to stimulate fat mobilization

Paraguay Yerba Mate– inhibiting fat storage within cells and especially effective for “spare tires”

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