ORTEA® Les Soins

Specialty Serum

Targeted for intensive salon strength treatment

ORTEA® Les Soins 4R Serum

Specially formulated for stressful urban lifestyle

Re-balancing, Re-synchronizes, Re-charge, Relaxing for healthy skin

Many aware that our brain has a biology clock. Recent scientific research discovers that, our skin also has biological clock function that follows a 24-hour program. However, due to intense lifestyle, work-life imbalance, jetlag, shift hours, our biological clock is desynchronize and “lost in time”. In addition, user nowadays exposed to blue light as spending long hours on smartphone and computer. Blue light is known to impact on sleep quality and induce daytime fatigue. Consequently, skin looks dull, fatigue and is more vulnerable. In addition, stressful lifestyle trigger stress hormone that cause sign of ageing such as lines and wrinkles.

This serum is uniquely formulated for user who affected by Psychographic stress (such as teenagers, heavy workload, caregivers, flight attendant, frequent traveller etc). It features bush clover, rosehip, turmeric and berries mixtures that detox and reduces appearance of dark circle, eye bags, dull complexion and drawn features for overall skin well-being and younger looking appearance.

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