Natural Hydration From The Iroise Sea

Unlock the inner energy

for instantly hydrated and glowing skin

Algae is regarded as super marine plants, for the many nutritional substances they contain that are beneficial to the skin (vitamins, trace elemenets, and minerals, polyphenols and especially phlorotannins, polysaccharides, amino acids). The algae we used in IROISE ENHYDRO series are cultivated in Quessant Island where these algae is bathe in the IROISE SEA WATER, a highly nutritious serum from which they draw all the benefits.

Iroise Sea, situated off the coast of North-West Britanny (France), is designated as  UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The sparkling turquoise Iroise Sea assembles a priceless natural heritage along the Brittany coast. It is untouched and free from pollution of any form.Its permanently cool waters are constantly moving, providing stable temperatures which are propitious to the development of its biodiversity, for which it is considered a genuine marine paradise.

A unique marine ecosystem within a jar

Iroise Sea water has extremely rich minerals content unlike any other region making it an exceptional hydrating and nutritional serum. Combining with super marine plants that grow in the Quessant Island at the heart of Iroise Sea, it gives your skin an instant boost of inexhaustible energy for a magnetic aura of radiance. We reconstitute a unique marine ecosystem within a jar, incorporating freshly air-flown Iroise Sea water and freshly prepared algae extract, concentrating all the goodness and deliver this natural hydration to your skin.



 Hydrating, Energizing & Radiance Boost

IROISE ENHYDRO features energizing complex that boost oxygen uptake to the skin, enhancing the skin inner energy to inspire a radiant complexion. The algae extract forming a layer of hydrating cushion on your skin to deliver immediate softening benefits to enable intensified hydration. IROISE ENHYDRO is simply transformative, promotes clarity and a look of brightness from within. for perfection beyond your imagination and maintain a stunning appearance.

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