Precious Red Gold Of The Ancient Greece

Beyond soothing for long-lasting comfort

Rebuild your skin from within to resolve sensitiveness

specially formulated for fragile and allergy skin

Sensitive skin is an increasing global concern, particularly in industrialized region. Sensitive skin is often associated with dryness, rash and inflammation with sensory such as itching, burning, stinging, tightness and tingling which is often cause by hyper-reaction, increase penetration of chemicals, very dry skin, low lipid content and an enhanced immune responsiveness. Such low skin tolerance required skincare that work beyond soothing, by repairing the skin from within.

precious saffron flower & plasma factor

Saffron Flower, also known as red gold in ancient Greece, has through the history as one of the most expensive and precious flower on earth. Indeed, its value is as expensive as real gold. Its elegent appearance and exotic color lying the mythology of Crocus,  a symbol of life and resurrection. Saffron flower has been demonstrated to work as natural anti-histamine, reducing skin allergy reaction. Whereas, plasma factor derived from carrot cells, is in-vitro and in-vivo tested for its efficacy to restore wellbeing of skin.


 Repairing & Soothing for Sensitive Skin

Combining with our cutting-edge innovation, saffron flower could now be used to reinforce skin barrier, giving sensitive skin a new life, unlocking sense of comfort to new height.

Besides, SENSIA RECOVERY also features its signatory plant tissue culture technology, uniquely stimulate the target compounds from carrot to create “plasma factor”, effectively repair sensitive skin from the root cause, resolving sensitivity for long lasting result.



User experience red bump and bee hives due to allergic reaction to existing skincare products. Left (day 0) and Right (day 28), visibly reduced in inflammation, redness and allergic bump; skin texture is smoother and more radiance.

Our testimonial is 100% genuine, no make-up, photoshop or any edit)


Left (day 0) and Right (day 28), visibly reduced in inflammation and skin texture is smoother,

Captured by Visioscan VC 20 (Courage+Khazaka)

Our testimonial is 100% genuine, no make-up, photoshop or any edit)

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