Needle-free Cosmeceutical option

to preserve youthful appearance

Progressive REAL result for firm, smooth, elastic, and radiance skin

Epigenetic inspired, enriched with stem cell, peptides and active plant cells

Collagen are the most abundant protein in the skin and responsible for the skin’s smoothness as they provide firmness. Elastin connecting collagen and responsible for elasticity of the skin, whereas hyaluronan fill up the space in between provide the skin with mechanical cushioning. As we age, these components reduces, thus skin become dull-looking, dry, lost in firmess, elasticity and wrinkles form.

The most common and fast result is injection or surgery despite side-effects are often reported. Organic-Tec initial intention is to develop an innovative option that works without side-effect and this is how FROZENAGE born.

Biofactory of the damask rose and Egypt lily

If producing a million of roses and lily flower from a single piece of flower petal sounds like a Hi-Fi movie to you, wait until you know us better. In our latest cutting-edge biotechnology, Damask rose and Egypt lily is reproduced in the laboratory without the need of land cultivation or chemicals fertilizer, generating millions of floral powerhouse that releasing arsenal of potent antiaging compounds upon contact with skin, iron out even the most stubborn wrinkles to restore youthful appearance.


Sirtuins are  the only protein known to make cells live longer. FROZENAGE features sirtuin-like protein that shown to boost fibroblast and keratinocytes. Our luxurious diamond conjugated Sirtuin allow targeted penetration that works effectively to diminish even the most stubborn wrinkles. 



Plant stem cells function like a skin architect, stimulating fibroblast to produce components that recover the skin elasticity it had 12 years ago. FROZENAGE is formulated with stem cells from orange and Centella plants.


FROZENAGE features small molecule peptides to penetrate effectively, stimulate your skin production of collagen to boost skin smoothness and firmness. Our world class peptide such as MATRIXYL, SYN-HYCAN and ARGIRELINE are among the top peptides for branded antiaging skincare.



 Needless option for total Anti-aging

Unlike commercial antiaging product, FrozenAge boost hyaluronan, elastin and collagen from within, progressively reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines without instant gimmick and certainly without the need for injection.

FrozenAge also features Botulinum-like mechanism that virtually freeze the expression lines and dynamic wrinkles, reduce skin sagging to make you looks so much younger than your age without a facelift surgery,


User feedback after 56 days using FrozenAge (twice daily)

Our testimonial is 100% genuine, no masking or photoshop!

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