Multipurpose Massage Butter

100% Natural

Proven Anti-Aging For Face, Hair and Body


Amazon Cacay Oil is clinically proven for its anti-aging and anti-stretch marks effects. It contain 3x more retinol than rosehip oil and 2x more linoleic acid (commonly known as “vitamin F”) than argan oil

Phyto Avocado oil- unlike typical avocado oil, our source of avocado oil contain at least 25% of phytosteol which deliver soothing, protective and repairing effect.

African Kalahari Melon Seed Oil, with tocopherol content almost 4x higher than argan oil and 6x higher than olive oil, it delivers extensive antioxidant effect to your skin.

Lasting sustainability with both environment and local communities

Our sources of cacay oil and melon seed oil are sourced  from local community in Columbia and South Africa as part of our social responsibility to support indigenous peoples. Besides that, these oil are extracted with cold extraction method, reducing carbon foot-print significantly while preserving the natural goodness of the oil. Our Cacay oil source is Eco-certified.


#1 For body care: rub sufficient amount all over body after shower, especially good for dry or aging skin. 

#2 Eczema and Psoriasis relief – rub sufficient amount on affected area, twice daily

#3 For hair care: this butter can be used on regular basis or as a conditioning hot pack.

#4 For after shave– rub sufficient amount over shaved area to soothe and reduce scarring.

#5 For after sun -rub sufficient amount on affected area to moisturize and soothe skin

#6 For hand & cuticle -rub some butter on your hand and nail before going to sleep to nourished, soften and revived your hands

#7 Eye and face cream – dabbing small amount on your face and around your eyes can moisturized and offer great anti-aging property.

#8 Massage balm– this butter melting texture is ideal for massages. Warm up the butter between your hands until it transforms into an oil and massage on skin.

#9 Cracked heel and elbow – this butter can be applied directly dry area or to nourished and restored feet.

#10 Moisturizing face mask -if your skin is feeling dry, tight or dull; especially after long working hours in an air-conditioned room or during winter, apply this butter as a face mask, leave for 30 minutes and remove with a hot cloth.

#11 For cellulite care: used this butter directly on affected area, twice daily

#12 During and after pregnancy care – rub this butter on your belly and thighs after redefining gel to reduce stretch mark. you may also apply directly to cracked nipples.

#13 For frost bite – rub this butter to the exposed area especially your face and hands. 


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