Herbal Anti-Acne Solution

Progressively and effectively reduce acne

Holistic approach to restore the balance for flawless skin

Without the use of harsh chemicals

Acne, dilated pores, blackheads, and oily skin are just little things, but together they are the reason that smooth, flawless skin is just a dream for so many.

Acne is a direct outcome of five interdependent biological phenomena: excessive sebum, hyperkeratinization, bacteria proliferation, sebum oxidation and inflammatory response. common anti-acne product do not always address all the needs of acne-prone skin, often they only treat one or two symptoms. That is the core reason for the development of ACNEFIX to gently yet progressively improve acne-prone skin.

herbalism drawn from ancient wisdom

At the heart of ORTEA herbal medicinal therapy, steeped in a long tradition of holistic philosophy that searches for harmony and balance. In our exploration in traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Unani herbalism, we carefully extract potent herbs to restore the balance of acne-prone skin via gentle remediation. Without side-effect typical of harsh chemical, herbal treatment restoring flawless skin with peace of mind.


 Anti-acne, Anti-scar, Anti-oxidant

ACNEFIX is designed to target all 5 interdependent acne-causing mechanism. By regulating the 5 functional signs of acne-prone skin, the product substantially improves the physical marks on said skin, including reducing inflamation, blemishes, scar, dilated pores and oiliness.

With its balance restores, the skin appears cleaner, clearer, healthier. ACNEFIX, the promise of healthy and clear skin.

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