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Consumer buying product not because of what they do, more often is due to what they mean. To create a meaningful brand, it requires a synergistic combination of engaging storytelling, packaging that delivers the clear message and brand image that convey the value; along with these are skilful development that translate consumer demands into product, and precise execution that produce the desired quality. Together, it creates a resonance within the echo of the heart of the consumer, thus creating a brand preference. 

This is why Organic-Tec, as a cosmetic company in Malaysia, bringing diverse team together, connecting each other to inspire innovation. We are a global network of scientist, marketer, manufacturer, designer, doctor, analyst and entrepreneur; that driving innovation in personal care and wellness industry for creative product development. We centralized our R&D, quality assurance, supply chain management, and manufacturing to manage the brands we had developed while we are actively looking for strategic business partners and entrepreneur who are ambitious to market these products. We strongly believe in the virtues of cooperation so we can create a mutually beneficial business relation.




With our extensive market intelligent network, we understand where the market heading over to direct your business strategy. We develop creative and original products with lots of passion to innovate and curiosity to explore.

PROOF OF CONCEPT with data and pre-marketing activities

We benchmark against population GDP and CPI to analyze market potential; hence forecast market prospects and supporting your business strategy. Our marketing team is on-the-ground to gather actual users’ feedback before any product launching. Besides, we have multiple market intelligent networks to spot the gap

Resourceful and professional RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT

Our products are back by lots of clinical data and scientific reasoning. & our product development cycle is professionally carried out with quality function deployment.  Our safety assessment is professionally carried out according to EU standard. We have a pool of over 1000 type of materials,

Integrated, flexible , PRECISE EXECUTION

We are cosmetic company in Malaysia with our platform of Quality Assurance,  regulatory, supply chain management, procurement, and manufacturing & logistic partners to support your business growth; producing product in commercial scale precisely as per prototype.


Over 100 types of products across skincare, toiletries, color cosmetics, perfume , household and wellness product covering niche, prestidge and masstidge sector


We can develop for HALAL, ECOCERT, COSMOS, RSPO, or EWG to match your business sector. Besides, our products are in built with global regulatory compliance and GMP compliance.



We assist you to evaluate product efficacy by scientific measurement


Measurement of the hydration of the corneal layer


Measurement of the erythema and melanin of skin for evaluation of irritation, allergy, whitening efficacy, soothing efficacy


Measurement of trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL)


Measurement for skin tone (L*a*b*) to evaluate whitening efficacy and concealing products


Measurement of skin’s mechanical properties (firmness, elasticity, thickness)


Measurement of the quantity of sebum by photometry


Measurement of brightening efficacy and hair glossiness


Measurement and visualization for skin topology, 3D modeling of wrinkles and roughness, SELS parameters, Anisotropy index


Organic-Tec is experiencing excellent growth across South East Asia but opportunities still exist in many regions in the world. We are selectively looking for committed business partners with the same vision to join our journey ahead. If you are looking for reliable and quality skincare products and would like to discover further how we could cooperate, feel free to discuss with us.

Distribution and Trading

If you are salon owner, SPA owner, stokist, or hotel owner who are seeking to retail products that impress your customers, or wholesaler/ distributor /retailer/ e-commerce that looking for potential products for listing, import/export or merely trading without commitment on annual sales volume, we are the cosmetic manufacturer in Malaysia that ready to work with you

Exclusive Brand Ownership & Distribution Right

Organic Tec welcome established strategic business partners who are seeking to own the brand with exclusive distribution right for global or regional market. The brand ownership exclusivity is on leasing and subjected to renewal depending on sales performance.  Kindly contact us for further discussion

Product Development Service/ ODM

If you would like us to develop products to match your business strategy and your regional market as well as your sales channel, we can arrange accordingly. You are fully responsible for branding, inventory control, marketing and sales of the products. The formulation is however, not disclosed and remain Organic-Tec property. There are relatively larger MOQ involve.

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