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As our company focus in product development and R&D; we  have a range of products which already user tested and passed stability testing. We are looking for potential business partner to market these products. Co-operation can be in many form, talk to us to discuss further at


Suboptimal health is a major global health challenge. It is a condition that typical medical health check do not find any abnormal or illness, with no pathological features but yet they always feel sick including emotional (anxiety, tired, stress etc) and physiological related (headache, hair loss, insomnia, weakness, dry skin) symptoms. The reason for suboptimal health being stressful lifestyle, unhealthy foods, sleeping behavior, family and friends, social media, not enough exercise etc. if suboptimal health continuously deteriorate, it becomes illness (both physical and emotional). When you feel tired, muscle sore, periodic headache, insomnia, menstrual cycle not consistent etc, these are possibly comes from your stressful lifestyle. Besides taking medicines, there is a more natural healing way to restore balances of your body.

With this in mind, we have developed a range of therapeutic products which combine aromatic oils and Chinese herbal concentrate. Along with meridian treatment, this series could enhance the flow of “qi” to improve quality of life.


以天然中药为原料, 採用古法粉碎,过箍,搅拌,发酵,分解,萃取, 加入人参,何首乌等多种草药浸,泡,蒸,煮, 熬制成滋補修复原液,历12道工序精制而成, 有效滋補头发,给头发補充所需养分,起到清爽洁净,平衡控油,防止分叉,柔软顺滑的效果,有效控制脱发,进而促进毛发再生,对头皮屑有改善脱发的作用,从根源改善头皮生态,在防脱发的同时起到养发,护发,润发一步到位,坚持使用令头发乌黑浓密, 润,柔, 亮。

Using natural Chinese herbal medicines as raw materials, process with traditional grinding, filtering, mixing, fermentation, and extraction; added with ginseng and polygonum etc herbs and go through wetting, steaming, cooking etc 12 steps of processing to produce a nutritional concentrate; effectively replenish nutrients, balance oiliness, avoid splitting, for smooth and fine hair. It also effectively reduces hair-loss, accelerate hair re-growth, improve scalp health and improve hair loss from the root cause. Whist it reduce hair loss, it also protect and moisturize your hair. Use regularly for moist, shine, smooth and volumize hair.

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