Why Scrub or Exfoliates?

Scrubbing or exfoliating your skin is a common skincare routine which immediately unclog pores as well as revitalize to reveal a clearer and brighter skin. However, inappropriate scrubbing or exfoliating your skin cause more problem than benefits.

Choosing the right Exfoliants

There are 3 common type of exfoliants namely physical scrub (such as beads, seed powder, luffah etc), AHA and BHA (such as lactic acids, salicylic acid, glycolic acid etc) and enzyme (papaine is the most common enzyme used in exfoliants).

Physical scrub is the best-selling among the exfoliants due to the nature that consumer could immediately feel the difference. It physically buff away dead cells. Consumer typically feel the difference of brighter skin right after scrubbing their skin. This physical scrub is however, not recommended for acne-prone skin as it could disrupt the skin and causes even more acne. We don’t recommend physical scrub for sensitive skin either as it could make your skin even thinner and sensitivity become even worst.

Chemical exfoliants remove dead skin cells by unsticking the glue holding them together. Product that contains BHA is suitable for oily skin as the oil-soluble BHA could penetrate deeply into pores. It can be drying, so we recommend BHA exfoliant for oily skin only. AHA on the other hand, is much more gentle. Common leave-on AHA product is low in concentration to reduce its side effect. AHA product is suitable for ageing skin to revitalize gradually. It takes longer time for visible result compare to physical scrub and particularly good for hyperpigmentation. AHA is however, could cause sensitivity towards sunlight (so, remember to wear sunscreen if you are treating your skin with AHA). 

Enzyme exfoliants is common nowadays as large MNC promoting enzyme (such as papaya enzyme-papaine) as a natural exfoliants. Enzyme function by breaking down specific compounds (such as protein). When enzyme is applied on our skin, it equally breaking down dead skin cells. However, according to SCCS safety recommendation, papaine is an allergens and could potentially cause hypersensitivity. We don’t recommend enzyme exfoliants to our user due to historical data of sensitivity towards enzyme.

New exfoliants

Organic-Tec new innovation uses fermented Bulgarian rose honey to function as an exfoliants. This exfoliants has the function of AHA but without its harshness. It does not cause sensitivity, making it suitable even for sensitive skin user. It doesn’t cause allergy like enzyme, and its visible result is relatively fast (within 7 days for normal skin), making it the new option available and suitable for all skin type. For more information, browse THANAKA PEARL skincare series. 


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