Cleansing your face is no doubt the most basic step in every skincare routine for any skin type and concern. Cleansing is rather straight-forward, however it could be rather confusing when it comes to deciding which cleanser is most suitable for you.

The choices can be overwhelming. We have listed down information of all type of cleanser below so you can decide which cleanser is best for your skin type and concern. 

Micellar water, cleansing water, makeup removers

Suitable for those prefer wiping off their light makeup with cotton pads instead of washing. It comes with different name, but they are really just another name with similar ingredients of soluble oils and mild surfactants. Although most don’t require rinsing, it is best refer to the instruction on the packaging as some producer formulate it differently with relatively higher amount of surfactants. You don’t want to have any residue surfactants on your skin.

Cleansing oils

cleansing oil is most suitable for those wearing heavy makeup or water-resistant makeup such as mascala. It typically require double-cleansing, which mean you remove your makeup with cleansing oil, follow with a gel cleanser.

Cleansing milk

cleansing milk is most suitable for those with dry skin or aging skin. It is relatively non-drying as it contains some amount of oil to moisturize your skin. Cleansing milk has some cleansing power towards light makeup. However, if you are wearing heavy makeup, a separate makeup remover is still needed. It is best massage over your skin for about 2 to 5 minutes to thoroughly remove dirt and grim.

Cleansing gel, Cleansing Mousse, Cleansing Foam

This cleanser contain the highest amount of cleansing agent among all cleanser. It is most suitable for oily skin. We recommend to choose a sulfate-free facial cleansing gel as it could be irritating to your skin (for detail please refer earlier post here). It comes with different name, but the fact is all these cleansers are the same base with different consistency.

Soap bar

Many user loves soap bar due to its characteristic of thorough cleansing . However, we highly recommend our user not to use soap bar to cleanse their face. This is because the naturally high pH of soap bar could be irritating and disrupting the skin’s surface (please refer earlier post here). It gets worst when you have sensitive skin or acne-prone skin. Although there are milder soap bar which is made to be pH neutral, the solidifying agent could clog pores and causes more problem to your skin.

Cleanser for sensitive skin

We highly recommend mild cleansing mousse or mild cleansing milk which is free from fragrances and essential oil (please refer earlier post here for detail). It might smell not so pleasant, but this is the best option for sensitive skin.


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